Author Pics: A Discussion

The good ol’ author pic is the ire of almost all authors. Often found on the back sleeve of a book, it’s easy to see why the com­mon author treats their back-of-the-book pic with gen­eral dis­dain. There’s a rea­son movie direc­tors don’t flash their por­taits onto the big screen at the end of their movies. I mean, would the final scene of Thelma & Louise have the same impact if it was fol­lowed by this?


But to undi­gress (not an offi­cial word) my label mate at Hardie Grant Egmont, author Chris Mor­phew, recently blogged about his own author pics and pro­ceeded to label one of my author pics as a ‘Clas­sic Mope’.


I think he’s prob­a­bly right. Some other favourite clas­sic author poses include:


The Guru Pose.


The ‘I’m so doey-eyed how could you not believe me?’ Pose.


And the ‘I signed a movie con­tract and hired a styl­ist” Pose.

If a clas­sic author pose can­not be struck the next best way to show your­self as an author is to turn the author photo black and white.


Noth­ing says ‘author’ more than grayscal­ing the author pic.


And here’s my label-mate Chris Mor­phew author-ised.


Although I guess there are some peo­ple who are just never going to look like authors.


Rick Boyer

Nice writ­ing style. I look for­ward to read­ing more in the future.

Some authors have no pic on their book jack­ets for a rea­son. Robert Drewe, for exam­ple, looks like an egg. ‘The Mope’ works well for you. I think I go for the ‘doey-eyed’ with added ‘over the glasses’ mystery.

I like to call yours ‘Soul­ful Puppy’, or ‘Take-me-home-and-feed-me.’