My crappy bullet point review of Tina Fey’s Bossypants

I’m fairly sure that when­ever an author, musi­cian or other creative-type sites some­one as being a great influ­ence, they’re legally oblig­ated to make some kind of ‘offi­cial com­ment’ when said influ­ence releases a new book, album or creative-type-thing. And hav­ing pre­vi­ously men­tioned Tina Fey in my author bios as being one of my idols, I now feel com­pelled (legally and not-in-any-way-legally) to review her mem­oir Bossy­pants.

But being the under­whelm­ing kind of per­son I’ve never quite man­aged to be, my review shall be a crappy, bul­let point review. Which is even crap­pier than I intended as bul­let points don’t work with my Word­Press theme (blog­ger FAIL). So play­ing the role of bul­let points today will be — aster­isks! Please make them feel welcome.


* Tina Fey really can memoir-write, just as well as she can sitcom-write and movie-write.

* I’m not usu­ally a laugh-out-loud-while-I’m-reading kind of guy but Bossy­pants had me audi­bly LOLing.

* Bossy­pants is a lot fun­nier than some of the later sea­sons of 30 Rock (think 30 Rock S01E10 to S02E15 and you’re close to what Bossy­pants is like).

* There’s barely a men­tion of Mean Girls (or Lind­say Lohan), which is just odd.

* Her insights on mod­el­ing and Pho­to­shop are fan­tas­tic (“Isn’t it bet­ter to have a com­puter do it to your pic­ture than to have a doc­tor do it to you face?”)

* As are her rec­ol­lec­tions of the Sarah Palin imper­son­ations, which hilar­i­ously cut between the con­cur­rently unfold­ing dra­mas of the Palin stuff, Oprah’s appear­ance on 30 Rock and the prepa­ra­tions for Fey’s young daughter’s Peter Pan-themed birth­day party.

* Any more bul­let points-asterisks and I’d be under­cut­ting my own claim to be doing a crappy review, so I’m cut­ting myself off here. Suf­fice to say, it’s an ace read. Nine out of ten.

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