Writing with St Peter Julian Eymard Primary School

I had the plea­sure of going out to Moorool­bark a few days ago to visit grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 stu­dents at St Peter Julia Eymard Pri­mary School to talk all things authorly, pass on some writ­ing tips and debate who is the best foot­ball team (North Mel­bourne, of course).

The kids wrote some super short sto­ries together and illus­trated book cov­ers to go with them too. They were an ener­getic bunch and we came up with a cou­ple of pretty com­pelling tales. Here they are for your enjoyment.


by 3/4H, St Peter Julian Eymard Pri­mary School

There once lived an angry gar­den gnome lonely inside. The gnome looked out­side and saw all the other, colour­ful happy gnomes. He was angry that he couldn’t be like them. So he started wear­ing black over­alls and a black T-shirt and a black top hat which unim­pressed his own­ers so they put him out­side and his clothes turned colour­ful and his mous­tache turned orange.


By 5/6J, St Peter Julian Eymard Pri­mary School

Fred was a sci­en­tist. He was very smart but had lava lamp hair. He built a time machine in his back­yard and went back in time to his most recent hair­cut. Turns out, it was him­self cut­ting his own hair. He ends up giv­ing him­self a con­cus­sion with the lava lamp that inspired his haircut.


i made that 5/6 pic­ture! so… i have tal­lent and an auther thinks so :)

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