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Sweet smelling business cards

A recent trip to the MYER (they spell it all in caps yeah?) store in the city turned out to be more pro­duc­tive than sim­ply buy­ing a per­fumey birth­day present for Sis­ter #2.

Every­time I wanted to sam­ple a bot­tle of pretty smells the MYER lady sprayed a piece of card­board for me to sniff. And keep. In the end I had an abun­dance of cards that smelt like girls and bore the brand­ing of per­fume com­pa­nies. Per­fect for DIY Busi­ness Cards or even Call­ing Cards given their recent come­back. For example:



Plus who wouldn’t want a tagline like ‘Fem­i­nine. Fresh. Modern.’?

Not all of the per­fume cards, how­ever, were rec­tan­gles. But not to fear because there are uses for the crazier-shaped cards too:


But really, noth­ing is quite as sat­is­fac­tory as hand­ing your 50-or-so per­fume cards back to the MYER lady and ask­ing her, ‘Which one was the Mania Femme again?’.

  1. georgiaporgia #

    Excel­lent! recy­cling AND contactability-building!

    Your herbs will smell nice now. Or confused.

    February 26, 2009
  2. Prime Minister #

    I think your herbs will smell sexy?

    February 27, 2009
  3. What have you done to my herbs? Hmmm?

    February 27, 2009

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