I was raised in an outer sub­urb of Mel­bourne called Wat­so­nia. The only real thing of note in Wat­so­nia is the Simp­son Army Bar­racks which began life as the Wat­so­nia Mil­i­tary Camp in WWII. Appar­ently there’s lots of com­mu­ni­ca­tions equip­ment at the Army Bar­racks which means that if Aus­tralia is ever invaded Wat­so­nia would be one of the first places likely to be bombed. At least that’s what I think I heard some kid at school say once.

Apart from the Army Bar­racks and the Wat­so­nia Library — be kind to your local librar­ian — there’s not much else hap­pen­ing in Wat­so­nia. Although the sight of Jenny Mack­lin MP cam­paign­ing out­side the Wat­so­nia Bake­house dur­ing elec­tion times is worth vis­it­ing town for. If Wat­so­nia was my bio­log­i­cal father then I could be said to have Daddy Issues.

They say that Aus­tralians have a love-hate rela­tion­ship with the ‘burbs and  I have a love-hate-lust-domestic vio­lence rela­tion­ship with Wat­so­nia. And when I vis­ited the place this week­end past I was con­fronted by the sight of an aban­doned TV sit­ting on top of a boul­der, around the cor­ner from the Wat­so­nia BP.

A TV on a rock in Watsonia

It was sooo Wat­so­nia. I loved and hated and lusted for and wanted to beat that TV on the rock. But I should stop rag­ging on my home­town now. Thankyou blog for the ther­apy times. See you next session.

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In shock

Oh my good, some who has lived in Wat­so­nia is going to be a pub­lished author!! (i grew up there too)