Blog Every Day April

So it turns out that April is Blog Every Day April. It’s a fun lil band­wagon that I have decided to jump onto. New York YA writer Mau­reen John­son is head­ing up the BEDA (I love a good acronym) action and blog­gers around the world are tak­ing up the chal­lenge, because, really, who can resist a silly online gimmick?

Per­son­ally, I hope BED will bring some kind of reg­u­lar­ity and struc­ture to my life. I just  hope I can see the month out. Unlike the fail­ures that were Do Push Ups Every Morn­ing March and Stop Eat­ing Apples That Don’t Belong To Me Feb­ru­ary.


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Jo Case

Andrew McDon­ald.

Have you been steal­ing Sean’s apples?

Nice blog.