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BEDA #20: From The Diary Vault — April 20 1993


It’s a lit­tle tricky to read but April 20 says:

Today Jenny Stoot (real name Stott) took her­self, Andrew Stoot, Alisa Stoot, Deanne and I to the movies to see Home­ward Bound The Incred­i­ble Journey.

What’s Home­ward Bound, you ask? Well, allow me to embed:

BEDA #18 & 19: Frying Oil

So despite think­ing that blog­ging every day of April would be a fun and easy thing to do, turn’s out, it is not. I didn’t blog yes­ter­day and I don’t have two posts in my head today to make up for it. But that’s not to say I’ve got noth­ing left to say. And I will def­i­nitely not let the con­tent on my blog wear thin. Any­ways, today’s post is a photo of the giant jar of oil that we keep in our kitchen for when we use our deep fryer. It looks like urine don’t you think?


BEDA #17: Record Store Day — Please visit the Indies, not the Chains

Record Store Day is a good thing. It gets lotsa peo­ple into lit­tle record shops when lotsa peo­ple swing in and out of JB Hi-Fi too often these days. So it is with bemuse­ment that I see fea­tur­ing in-store apper­ances at JB Hi-Fis, Vir­gin Mega­s­tores, San­i­tys and HMV. Surely this is not the point of Record Store Day? So what’s the story?


It turns out that AMRA (who rep­re­sent those big music chains) was told it couldn’t par­tic­i­pate in Record Store Day because the day is sup­posed to be an excer­cise in pro­mot­ing inde­pen­dent shops. But of course AMRA and the big chains pushed on any­way and are pro­mot­ing their ‘unof­fi­cial’ involve­ment in Record Store Day. And guess who owns and runs Yep, AMRA. Sticky Car­pet in the Age touched on this today but con­tin­ued to pro­mote both the indie shop events and the AMRA shop events (#AMRAfail, #HMV­fail, #JBHi­Fi­fail, #Vir­gin­Mega­S­tore­fail, #San­i­ty­fail, #TheAgefail).

So please visit for the com­plete, authen­tic list of inde­pen­dent record stores to sup­port tomor­row. After all, the lit­tle guys only get one day. The chains get Christmas.

BEDA #16: Yellow Bull Clips

Firstly, I have fallen a day behind in the Blog-Every-Day-of-April-Or-You-Shan’t-Have-Achieved-Anything-This-April quest. But I shall work my way back, by blog­ging twice in one day.

And sec­ondly, I vis­ited the lovely and polite peo­ple at Hardie Grant Egmont yes­ter­day. Among other things, they gave me the final pages of Great­est Blog­ger to proof­read. When I got home I dis­cov­ered that once again (it has hap­pened before as well) the proof was held together by a YELLOW bull clip.


Being the nerd (and office-supply enthu­si­ast) I am, I was over­whelmed by the con­sid­er­ate nature of the edi­tors at Hardie Grant. And I have updated the descrip­tion of Hardie Grant Egmont in the spiel about my book to include ‘con­sid­er­ate’. Cos I’m just feel­ing that way.

BEDA #15: Ten Ways to Explain the GFC to Young Children

  1. Tell them every­one is say­ing KFC not GFC. It’s all about some chicken shops going out of business.
  2. Give them a game of monop­oly, let them play for an hour, then take all the cash away and ask them how it feels to live in Iceland.
  3. Tell them a ‘stim­u­lus pack­age’ is exactly what the other kids at school say it is (Sex is eas­ier to explain that finan­cial systems).
  4. Tell them the $900 hand­out hap­pened because Labor is in gov­ern­ment and there’s no such thing as a GFC.
  5. Tell them the $900 hand­out is saved from money we didn’t give to the ABC for ten years.
  6. Tell them the $900 hand­out is to encour­age peo­ple to buy chicken.
  7. Tell them China took away all our money. You might as well start the fear mon­ger­ing when they’re young.
  8. Tell them that the GFC is just clever viral mar­ket­ing by the Gee­long Foot­ball Club to boost mem­ber­ship numbers.
  9. Tell them that ‘injec­tion’ means ‘baster’ and ‘econ­omy’ means ‘chook’.
  10. Tell them Han­nah Mon­tana is on TV. That’ll dis­tract ‘em.